Jio Giga Fiber Preview Offer: 100GB Data at 100 Mbps Speeds

Jio Giga Fiber has been launched already, and as Jio did previously with their services, Jio will be giving a free Jio Giga Fiber preview offer to its initial users. It has been already started accepting interests of users from different locations of the country. Reportedly, users will get 100GB of data each month under the preview offer. But that’s not the end; there are lots of other things to know about this offer. So, let’s know all the details about the preview offer in this article.

jio giga fiber preview offer

Jio Giga Fiber Preview Offer Details & Benefits

First of all, I want to say that the Jio Giga Fiber preview offer will be valid for three months for all the initial users from the date of getting the connection. Users will get 100Mbps speed which is enough for most of the users I think. The preview offer will give 100GB of data each month.

But that’s not the end. If a user consumes all the 100GB data, he or she can again avail the data top-up plan from the MyJio app. Each of the data top-up plans will provide 40GB of data. But the biggest thing is, these top-ups will be free of cost. However, the maximum number of data top-ups a user can get is still unclear. But it was described in a report that, users would get upto 1.1TB data each month using the data top-ups.

In few days, Jio will start contacting with users to provide the initial connections at major areas or cities where the Jio Giga Fiber is already set-up very well. And eventually, the service will be open for all users. Jio has aimed to attract 50 million users on their Giga Fiber network. If that happens, Jio Giga Fiber will be the largest broadband service provider in the country with the highest number of users connected.

Please Note: The Preview Offer is not live yet. However, the offer details have already started circulating on the internet. Reliance Jio has confirmed nothing. So, wait for the official announcement.

Users Need To Pay Rs 4,500

Though the Jio Giga Fiber preview offer is completely free of cost, users still need to pay Rs 4,500 when getting the installation done. And the reason behind it is simple; users will need the Jio ONT Device to use the network which will be provided by Jio itself. But the amount is refundable. Once the user decides to discontinue the Jio Giga Fiber network, he or she can submit the ONT Device and get the Rs 4,500 refunded which was submitted at the time of taking the connection. However, the ONT device must be in good and working condition at the time of submitting it back to Jio in order to get the refund.

Additional Benefits With Jio Giga Fiber Preview Offer

The preview offer does not come only with the high-speed data. It also comes with the Jio Smart Home solution and paid a subscription to the Jio Giga TV and Jio other apps. But all the offers will be valid for the same validity time of the preview offer which is 90 days.

What About The Jio Giga Fiber Plans?

Many of you might be thinking about the plans that will be announced for the Jio Giga Fiber broadband. But that has not been announced yet publicly by Reliance Jio. It might test the whole service with its initial users who will be using the Jio Giga Fiber preview offer. And then, Jio will be revealing or will launch the broadband plans in front of the users. Till then, take advantage of these three free months and enjoy the 100Mbps high-speed data with 100GB+ data benefits and other paid subscriptions for free with the preview offer.

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